Make your own video transition with cinelerra and inkscape // Linux

video bar

As you can see, Cinelerra is very useful, but seems to have relatively poor video transitions. But maybe not... In my life, I have discovered that OpenSource has no limits. Ready to prepare a new recipe? Let's go!
(If you don't know much about cinelerra, read this first: Cinelerra is very easy)

As you know, Cinelerra can use shapewipe transitions. shape wipeShapewipe uses any black and white '.png' format images to make the transition. For example, this image:

Shapewipe example

...does this sequence

example example example example example example

What does that mean? Line by line, black to white colors will change from clip "A" to clip "B". On Cinelerra, you can change the direction that you want it to animate in:

show shape wipe

With the 'Browse' button you can choose an image to use as a transition. Finally, if you want to make your own transitions, follow these steps:

- in a terminal: sudo chmod -R 777 /usr/lib/cinelerra/shapewipe

- if you do not have inkscape install it ( on ubuntu: sudo apt-get install inkscape and open inkscape )

- file > new > Pal_720x576 (or ntsc locale code for U.S. )

- on file Document properties, change Background from transparency to white (ffffffff)
- make a black box

inkscape box

-make gradients

inkscape gradients

-make black text

inkscape write

-files > export bitmap > pages, and save as /usr/lib/cinelerra/shapewipe/mytransition.png


-open cinelerra and add a transition with shape wipe between the two clips

video bar

-show shapewipe transitions proprieties, and choose /usr/lib/cinelerra/shapewipe/mytransition.png
-change shapewipe direction to "black to white"

- and enjoy your own transition!

On the internet, you can also find many shape wipe transitions, are you lazy? You can install cinelerra-swtc ( shapewipe transitions collection ) from the akirad repository ( the this deb file works on all debian based distros.)

Paolo Rampino and Robert Pence
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