Nextlimit RealFlow 4 only for mac osx

Nextlimit RealFlow 4 only for mac osx

The technology developed by Next Limit for the simulation of fluids, water surfaces, rigid bodies, soft bodies, fibers, and meshes is groundbreaking in that it is particle based. The elements of the simulation use physical properties to control their behavior and can interact with each other and react according to impulses, forces and accelerations.

Working in conjunction with the most popular 3D platforms, its core consists of an extremely realistic, physically based continuous-particle system and a new stacking rigid body solver. A team of physicists and dynamics engineers have been working on RealFlow for 8 years to bring this groundbreaking technology to the world of CG.

The official Next Limit Scripts resources page. Exchange scripts for free with other members of the RF4 community.

RealFlow has been used for the production of spectacular effects in numerous major movies. These include Poseidon, X-Men 3 (The last stand), Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and Ice Age 2 (The Meltdown) to name but a few. It has also been used to produce effects for countless commercials and television products worldwide.

The minimum system requirements for RealFlow4

*OSX 10.3.9 or higher
*512MB or higher
*1GHz G4 or higher (G5 or intel recommended)

The plugins for you 3d app of choice can be freely download on the product site after a simply registration

Product homepage: www.nextlimit.com/realflow

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