Vray C4D v1.0821 WIN 32BIT/64BIT

Vray C4D v1.0821 WIN 32BIT/64BIT

VrayBridge 1.082 change log
Added native Vray Multipass render
Added VrayCameraDome tag
Added Override Material in global option
Added Camera Clipping Planes
Added Camera Geometry Clipper
Added Clamp level parameter in Color Mapping
Added Light Dome rotations
Added Environment U and V offsets
Added Specular Anisotropy textures
Added some options in the stamp rendering informations

Fixed Distance threshold bug in Irradiance Map
Fixed Filter on/off bug
Fixed Light Dome Photon emit radius
Fixed Cinema 4D R10.5 VrayBridge panels scaling bug

Changed Color Mapping nomenclature
Changed some default values

Number of passes in LC now defaults to CPU number

About the Camera Clipper: save new scene after that or restore visibility before save the same scene.

About Color Mapping: due to some changes in CM some of the old scenes probably can have differences in CM values

I suggest to delete all files inside the /plugins/vraybridge folder.

Currently limitations:
The physical sun shadow don't work with multipass, this is currently a vray limitation.
The multipass is not affected by color mapping.

The vray multipass don't support the ObjectID and you can't use physical camera multipass rendering with a C4d Object ID rendering... will not match.

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