The Gnomon Workshop - NUKE Compositing in Production

The Gnomon Workshop - NUKE Compositing in Production

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In this DVD Rob examines a professional compositing job from an actual commercial production performed at Sway Studio. Using D2 Software's award-winning NUKE, this lecture explores complex systems and approaches for compositing workflows. Rob explains the use of Pan and Tile environments, where 2D images recreate a full 3D environment. All aspects of the compositing process are discussed, including professional methods for pulling keys from difficult greenscreen material. Rob goes over a few methods in meticulous detail for getting a clean key, even when faced with heavy motion blur and significant spill. This lecture provides a seldom-seen look inside the compositing process to aid the viewer's development as a professional compositor.

Over 3 hours of lecture.


Источник: www.cgsoft.ru

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